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Unusual silver artifact recovered on Cabin Wreck

Captain Jonah Martinez and the crew of the M/V Bottomline made a spectacular find on 1715 Fleet-Queens Jewels’ Cabin Wreck site this past week. Carrying out methodical excavations in 4-to-6 feet of sand and shell overburden, diver Grant Gitschlag found an amazing, intact silver frame. The frame is quite large and is footed with two figures of birds, possibly eagles. It is in an overall remarkable state of preservation. The frame may well have been used for a painted picture or possibly even used as a religious reliquary and contained some sacred object. For example, it might have held a piece of a noted religious figure's robes. Upon cleaning and conservation, markings may be discovered that might provide more insight into this amazing artifacts usage in 1715. It is one of the most unique silver artifact finds ever to have been made on the 1715 fleet wreck sites! Congratulations to Capt. Jonah and the hard working crew of the Bottomline!!

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