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Large Silver Artifact Discovered!

In mid-June 2023 and over a period of several days, the crew of the M/V Lilly May (C-69) made the discovery of the remains of a large, ornate, footed silver tray or platter at the 1715 site commonly known as the Cabin Wreck (8IR23/S27). The crew of the Lilly May consisted of, Capt. Mike Penninger, Grant Gitschlag, Nick Amelio and Corinne McClanahan, along with guest Dave Hellenschmitt. This artifact’s 300 plus year submersion in the high energy, shallow water, marine environment in which it was located has taken its toll, with only remnant pieces of the artifact remaining for recovery. None the less, a significant find. Well done to the Lilly May crew!

Remains of the footed silver tray/platter recovered by the M/V Lilly May crew

Possible central floral design of the silver tray/platter

Ornate silver leg from the silver tray/platter


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