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Exciting Discoveries!

During the 2022 field season on the 1715 Fleet-Queens Jewels, LLC (1715 Fleet) wreck sites, subcontractorCapt. Mike Perna and 1st Mate Milan Kalelkar, working aboard the salvage vessel M/V Mighty Mo (C-4), have continued to follow a well defined trail of scattered silver coins and artifacts on the wreck site known as the Anchor Wreck (8IR46/S23). Over the last several field seasons Capt. Perna and Milan have recovered an outstanding collection of worked silver artifacts along with hundreds of silver coins and more than a dozen Mexico 8 Escudo gold coins. During the 2022 field season they recovered a very interesting wooden, cup like object, of as yet unknown usage. (See Photograph Below) The tail of coins and artifacts they are following extends for thousands of linear feet in a North/South direction. Their work is currently some of the most exciting excavations and recoveries occurring on the 1715 Fleet wreck sites! Excellent work Capt. Mike and Milan!




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