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Gold Coin and Nuggets Found!

Several weeks ago the crew of the M/V Miss Fannie (C-49), Capt. Terry Howard, Capt. Chris Tisack, Jae Dennis and Sal Guttuso, while conducting explorations and recoveries at the Rio Mar wreck site (8IR27/S23), recovered a Lima 2 Escudo dated 1704. Also recovered were two fairly large gold nuggets which appear to be possible runoff from the gold casting and refining process. Both the obverse and reverse of the 2 Escudo shows errors in the minting process commonly referred to as a die bounce or double strike. None the less, a very nice find for the Miss Fannie crew!

Jae Dennis with just found 2 Escudo

2 gold nuggets and 2 Escudo found by the Miss Fannie crew

Reverse Lima 2 Escudo

Obverse Lima 2 Escudo


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