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2021 Mike Perna Discovery Post Conservation

In early July of 2021 Capt. Mike Perna and his 1st Mate Milan Kalelkar aboard the M/V Mighty Mo (C-4), made a very significant find of worked silver at the Anchor Wreck (8IR46/S23). This find was published on the 1715 Fleet-Queens Jewels, LLC (1715 Fleet) web site in late August of 2021. Over a number of months during the winter of 2021/2022 Capt. John Brandon, 1715 Fleet’s Operations Manager and Chief Conservator, did the conservation work on these items. There were a number of silver artifacts that were rather common place finds on the 1715 fleet wreck sites in modern times. (See Silver Candlestick Holder Below) However, there were also a number of previously unseen silver items from modern recoveries on the 1715 fleet wreck sites. (See the Selection of Items Below) Congratulations to Mike and Milan on a truly spectacular recovery!

Two Round Silver Objects Depicting a Mounted Horseman Over a Reclining Individual Below the Horses Front Hooves-As yet unidentified as to purpose and/or function.

Silver Lion-Seated With Shield on Breast

Unidentified Ornate Silver Object

Silver Figurine With Cross on Chest

More Common Silver Candlestick Holder

Possible Silver Candelabra Arm


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