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Rare Gold Rings and More Found!

The crew of the M/V Lilly May (C-69) of Grant Gitschlag, Mike Penninger, Nick Amelio and Corinne Lea along with guest Daniel Palin made a significant find of gold and silver earlier this field season at the 1715 Fleet-Queens Jewels, LLC wreck site of the Cabin Wreck (8IR23/S27). These finds consisted of a number of silver coins of various denominations, an intact silver fork and portions of two others and a silver buckle. Most impressive were two high carat gold rings. One having 6 oval panels and being what we call a “Life Ring”. The other ring mounts a beautiful emerald center stone flanked by two other stones believed to be amethysts. Both common gemstones found on the 1715 fleet wreck sites. Congratulations to the crew of the M/V Lilly May!!

Silver coins and silver fork along with gold ring recovered by the M/V Lilly May.

More Lilly May silver coins, buckle and gold ring.

Lilly May Emerald Ring and Life Ring atop silver buckle.

Closer view of the beautiful M/V Lilly May Emerald Ring!!


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