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Gold and Silver Start to the 2022 Season!

The 2022 field season on the 1715 Fleet-Queens Jewels, LLC wreck sites has gotten off to a slow start as far as sea conditions go, with the seas not getting consistently calm until about the second week of June. Since then a number of boats have gotten out with a few making some initial discoveries. Including the M/V Lilly May (C-69), where at Corrigan’s Wreck (8IR19/S25) they recovered some small gold flakes and a few links of gold flower chain. (See Photo) At the Cabin Wreck (8IR23/S27) the Lilly May crew of Grant Gitschlag, Mike Penninger, Nick Amelio and Corrine Lea recovered 20 silver coins of various denominations. (See Photo) A good start to the season for the crew of the M/V Lilly May!

Small gold flakes and flower chain pieces found at Corrigan’s by the crew of the M/V Lilly May

Silver coins found at the Cabin Wreck by the crew of the M/V Lilly May


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