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Gold Nuggets!

Andreas Kerner working aboard the M/V Hitting Bottom made several interesting discoveries about two weeks ago. At the 1715 fleet Rio Mar wreck he has been recovering some small gold nuggets and flakes. This gold was being shipped back to Spain in its raw form. In 1969 when Mel Fisher and his Treasure Salvors group first excavated this wreck site they discovered fairly significant amounts of raw gold dust and nuggets. Once this gold was uncovered through excavations Mel let his teenage sons Dirk and Kim use turkey basters to recover the gold. They found enough to fill several mayonnaise jars!! Andreas also found a pewter or lead bottle stopper at the Power Plant site, similar to ones that have been discovered on the 1715 fleet wreck sites as well as the 1618 Green Cabin site. Keep up the good work Andreas!!

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