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Big Secret Gets Out!

Recently, while carrying out recoveries at the 1715 fleet wreck site known as the Cabin Wreck (8IR23/S27), the crew of the M/V Big Secret recovered a number of silver coins mostly of 8 Reale denominations, as well as a silver buckle. One very nice 8 Reale specimen is from the Lima mint and is fully dated (1)708 . Captain John Redman and his crew of Andrew Price, Mark Worthington and Greg Kufchak, with support from Project Manager Bill Black, made the recoveries. These recoveries are exciting not just because they represent treasure from the 1715 fleet, but also in their ability to expand the known debris field of the Cabin Wreck, as well as dispersal patterns within that debris field, based on their location of recovery. Well done Big Secret crew!!

Divers Mark Worthington and Andrew Price surface with just found 1715 fleet silver coins.

1715 fleet silver coins just up from the bottom.

Silver coins recovered from the Cabin Wreck by the crew of the M/V Big Secret.


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