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Shipwreck Bottles Discovered!

Veteran and successful historic shipwreck salvor Capt. Greg Bounds made an exceedingly rare find during the 2021 field season at the wreck site known as the Cabin Wreck (8IR23/S27). Capt. Bounds and his crew, long time historical ship wreck salvor, 1st Mate Chas Francoviglia, and crewman/diver Michael Dodd, working from 1715 Fleet-Queens Jewels, LLC salvage vessel the M/V Capitana

(C-27) discovered 4 intact glass Onion Bottles! Not since 1965 when the original Real Eight group, working under famed treasure salvor Kip Wagner on the Cabin Wreck, has anyone recovered four intact Onion Bottles in one field season and from one wreck site. Onion Bottles are so named first for their basic shape, which tends to resemble an onion. But also because of the way Onion Bottles deteriorate within the marine environment over time, with layers of glass peeling away, which somewhat resembles the skin of an onion peeling off. Congratulations to Greg and his crew on a truly rare archaeological discovery from the 1715 fleet.

Two of the four intact glass Onion Bottles recovered by Capt. Greg Bounds and the crew of the

M/V Capitana during the 2021 field season at the Cabin Wreck.


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