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Rare bronze scale weight recovered


Bronze Scale Weight

apt. Jonah Martinez and the crew of the M/V Capitana continue to find the archaeological clues that are helping to define the northern, surf zone areas, of the 1715 fleet Corrigan's Wreck debris field scatter tract. Several days ago Capitana diver Grant Gitschlag recovered this rare bronze scale weight. Marked with a 4M which may stand for 4 Marcos. A Marcos was a common unit of measure used by the Spanish of roughly 230 grams or one half pound Avoirdupois. Interestingly, this artifact as well as a number of others, were found in an area where the Corrigan's Wreck debris field intersects with the 1618 Green Cabin Wreck's debris field. This interesting artifact could possibly be from the earlier 1618 wreck site? Three years ago on, June 21, 2014, Jonah found a 6M weight from the set in this same area.

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