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John Brandon and Dan Porter shake to celebrate

John Brandon and Dan Porter celebrate

Veteran historical shipwreck salvors Capt. John Brandon (left) and Capt. Dan Porter share a congratulatory hand shake after another successful collaboration, while holding 16 gold coins. The gold coins were recovered by Dan and the crew of the M/V Sea Reaper from August 17th through August 20th at the 1715 fleet Douglas Beach Wreck in an area suggested by John. John and Dan have cooperated on numerous successful historical shipwreck recoveries, with Dan starting to work with John in 1980 in the Bahamas, three days out of high school! Over the decades they have worked together finding significant treasures and artifacts on the 1622 wrecks of the Atocha and Margarita and a number of the 1715 fleet wrecks. Even the 8 escudo gold coins they are wearing were found working together in the early and late 1980's, and they are not done yet...

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