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Aarrr Booty recovers Kang Hsi porcelain

Capt. Eric Schmitt and the crew of the M/V Aarrr Booty continue excavations in the northern most extremities of the Douglas Beach Wreck site's known debris field. Yesterday's field excavations yielded a beautiful piece of Kang Hsi export porcelain, which was recovered by diver Gavin Buck. The Douglas Beach "Gold Trail", first established in 1987/88 consisted primarily of Kang Hsi sherds, musket balls, gold jewelry, and over 1,000 gold coins and stretched for half a mile! Capt. Eric continues to push the Gold Trail boundaries ever farther to the north, continuing to find the archaeological clues that will ultimately lead to more 1715 Fleet discoveries.

#2017 #AarrrBooty #DiverGavinBuck #DouglasBeachWreck #KangHsi

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