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Golden "GRAT"

About a week or so ago long time historical shipwreck salvor Captain Mike Perna and crew working aboard the M/V Mighty Mo found a beautiful 8 Escudo gold coin. Minted in Mexico City in 1714 or 1715 this type of gold coin was first identified by Mel Fisher and his Treasure Salvors team in the mid-1960's and was referenced as a die 9. It has since become more commonly known as a "Grat" coin. This Mexico City specimen was dated on the cross side rather than the more common shield side, although this particular specimen lacks the date completely. In the position where the date usually appears on Mexico City coinage of this period appears the lettering "GRAT". Part of the Latin phrase "Dei Gratia" or "By the Grace of God". Congratulations to Mike and crew on a great find!!!

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