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More Gold Discovered!

Recently, while carrying out excavations and recoveries at the 1715 fleet wreck site known as Corrigan’s Wreck (8IR19/S25), the crew of the M/V Lilly May recovered a beautiful Mexico 2 Escudo circa 1714/15. Captain Grant Gitschlag and his crew of Adam Gitschlag, Nick Amelio, Sal Guttuso and Corrine McClanahan made the recovery with Nick Amelio actually finding the gold coin. Additionally the crew recovered a number of gold nuggets and flakes as well as a number of links from a gold flower chain. Congratulations to Grant and his crew!!

Mexico 2 Escudo, Gold Nuggets and Flakes and Flower Chain Links recovered by the crew of the M/V Lilly May at Corrigan’s Wreck

Diver Nick Amelio and Captain Grant Gitschlag show just found gold coin from Corrigan’s Wreck


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